Ivana Jelić – Pavel Petrović (Serbia) – 

“The sight of the stars always makes me dream”, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) wrote in one of the many letters to his brother Theo. Even when he had himself admitted in the South of France, he enjoyed drawing and painting the starry sky there.

This is how one of his most famous paintings came into being, by now the most iconic representation of a starry sky in art history: “The Starry Night” (1889). Van Gogh’s swirling starry sky above a village in the hills, with an enormous cypress in the foreground, was not simply a black surface with pale dots.

The exuberant starry sky that Van Gogh painted has unfortunately become a rare phenomenon, in particular in cities where the night sky is permanently polluted. In ‘Starry Night’, architect Ivana Jelić and creative engineer Pavel Petrović, who create art installations together, give us a radiant but artificial version of the starry sky that Van Gogh once saw. The brush strokes have been replaced by 1,400 acrylic tubes illuminated by a small LED light.

In this way the artists remind us of the natural beauty we miss using, in a contradictory way, electric light.

In collaboration with Light Art Collection

Photo: Janus van der Eijnden